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Three corpse flowers are about to stink up the US Botanic Ga

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Three corpse flowers are about to stink up the US Botanic Ga

Messagepar JensenBreck » 07 Sep 2017, 15:07


A year after the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C., produced a goliath-size titan arum, or corpse flower, the conservatory on the eastern end of the Mall is displaying three together, which may be a first in the botanical world. Call them the three muskyteers.

The emerging blooms are positioned in the conservatory’s Garden Court. The first may bloom by today, the others shortly afterward, although that is an educated guess by the growers. The garden has a live video stream on its website.What we do know is that this weird blossom from the steamy Sumatran jungle blooms every few years, but only when it feels like it, and that it is the world’s biggest flower.

In the wild, it can reach 12 feet high. To be precise, the corpse flower has the largest “unbranched inflorescence.” A species of palm tree has a complex branching bloom that occupies more space but cannot match the corpse flower for its visual punch or reputation for stinking up the place.


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